• Ace Of Spades


      Buy Ace Of Spades Full Gram Dank Vape Cartridge Ace of Spades card is a creation from TGA Subcool Seeds that exploits the well known sweet and sharp blend that never leaves style. A crossbreed of Black Cherry Soda and Jack the Ripper, this strain has a hearty berry and citrus smell that extends into the taste with particularly lemony flavors. Trump…

    • Mango kush


      Mango Kush Hybrid – 65{f8dbc84b4bc0245493051607be20ab0cc88714dbfedab7caf9190e0e09e028f5} Indica / 35{f8dbc84b4bc0245493051607be20ab0cc88714dbfedab7caf9190e0e09e028f5} Sativa THC: 11{f8dbc84b4bc0245493051607be20ab0cc88714dbfedab7caf9190e0e09e028f5} – 20{f8dbc84b4bc0245493051607be20ab0cc88714dbfedab7caf9190e0e09e028f5} Mangos and marijuana go together. The fruit is known to enhance the high for many people, and some cannabis strains are bred to evoke the fruit. The taste of Mango Kush, not surprisingly, is similar to mangos and Kush, with notes of pine. It smells of the…

    • Gorilla Glue


      BUY GORILLA GLUE FULL GRAM DANK VAPE CARTRIDGE. Known for being one of the world’s most grounded and in this way stickiest strains, Gorilla Glue #4 is grouped by its solid smell, impactful taste and madly ground-breaking high. Named for its overwhelming amount of trichomes that reason whatever contacts this bud to get “stuck” to it like paste, reports are landing from…

    • Cotton Candy


      BUY COTTON CANDY FULL GRAM DANK VAPE CARTRIDGE Named for its delicate, feathery appearance and extreme candy-coated smell, Cotton Candy Kush is a half and half that crosses Lavender with Power Plant. The outcome is a sharp sense of taste of sweet, berry flavors and a flower fragrance. The euphoric impacts will make them feel like a child in a treat store,…

    • Capn Crunch


      BUY CAPN CRUNCH FULL GRAM CEREAL CART VAPE CARTRIDGE Despite the fact that Captain Crunch has a THC substance of close to 15%, regardless it offers an electrifying high. The strain in an indica predominant half and half and has a 70:30 indica/sativa proportion. The buds are surprisingly huge and dull green in shading. Moreover, they are very cold with little hairs…

    • Bubble Gum


      BUY BUBBLE GUM FULL GRAM DANK VAPE CARTRIDGE. Initially Bubble Gum was created by cultivators in Indiana. From that point the hereditary qualities moved to New England and in the end Holland. It took numerous ages to at long last produce a steady Bubble Gum with the characteristic sweet smell and euphoric high. Air pocket Gum was the champ of two honors in the…

    • Blueberry Kush


      Buy Blueberry Kush Full Gram Dank Vape Cartridge Blueberry Kush is a solid indica strain that gradually expedites an overwhelming body sensation, helping patients overlook their agony and unwind. Initially from Oregon, this strain is a cross breed of Blueberry and OG Kush, which is obvious in its new berry smell with notes of natural herbalness. This indica is best for nights…

    • Afghan Black Hash


      Afghan Black Hash is a hash clone. It is worldwide legal, and it will be legal forever.

    • Banana kush


      Banana Kush Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60{f8dbc84b4bc0245493051607be20ab0cc88714dbfedab7caf9190e0e09e028f5} Indica / 40{f8dbc84b4bc0245493051607be20ab0cc88714dbfedab7caf9190e0e09e028f5} Sativa THC: 18{f8dbc84b4bc0245493051607be20ab0cc88714dbfedab7caf9190e0e09e028f5} – 25{f8dbc84b4bc0245493051607be20ab0cc88714dbfedab7caf9190e0e09e028f5}, CBN: 1{f8dbc84b4bc0245493051607be20ab0cc88714dbfedab7caf9190e0e09e028f5} Here we have the banana like hybrid of two legendry strains; OG Kush of the West Coast and Skunk Haze. This smooth feeling hybrid is indica dominant with the indica-sativa ratio of 60:40. The THC level of Banana Kush is 18-25{f8dbc84b4bc0245493051607be20ab0cc88714dbfedab7caf9190e0e09e028f5}, whereas the…

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