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    • Ancient OG


      BUY ANCIENT OG FULL GRAM DANK VAPE CARTRIDGE. Ancient OG from Bodhi Seeds is a mostly indica strain dropped from an Iranian landrace and Snow Lotus. Its thickly resinous buds radiate fragrant notes of earthy pine and sweet citrus that are completely acknowledged in Ancient OG’s taste. This high-yielding indica is most appropriate for ocean of green gardens and has a multi day blossoming time. Open air cultivators ought to get ready…

    • Apple Jacks


      BUY APPLE JACKS FULL GRAM CEREAL CART VAPE CARTRIDGE Apple Jack is the lovely and well known half and half cross of Jack Herer and White Widow. This intense mix encapsulates the inspired clearness of Jack Herer while applying a warm, relieving unwinding to the body. This strain does some amazing things for patients and purchasers experiencing unending physical agony and queasiness.…

    • Banana kush


      Banana Kush Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60{f8dbc84b4bc0245493051607be20ab0cc88714dbfedab7caf9190e0e09e028f5} Indica / 40{f8dbc84b4bc0245493051607be20ab0cc88714dbfedab7caf9190e0e09e028f5} Sativa THC: 18{f8dbc84b4bc0245493051607be20ab0cc88714dbfedab7caf9190e0e09e028f5} – 25{f8dbc84b4bc0245493051607be20ab0cc88714dbfedab7caf9190e0e09e028f5}, CBN: 1{f8dbc84b4bc0245493051607be20ab0cc88714dbfedab7caf9190e0e09e028f5} Here we have the banana like hybrid of two legendry strains; OG Kush of the West Coast and Skunk Haze. This smooth feeling hybrid is indica dominant with the indica-sativa ratio of 60:40. The THC level of Banana Kush is 18-25{f8dbc84b4bc0245493051607be20ab0cc88714dbfedab7caf9190e0e09e028f5}, whereas the…

    • Berry Blast


      BUY BERRY BLAST FULL GRAM DANK VAPE CARTRIDGE A mostly sativa hybrid from Snow High Seeds, Blueberry Blast is a the result of the famous Blueberry– Haze genetics of Blue Dream being pollinated by a Johnny Blaze male. These flowers smell strongly of blueberry, musk, and sweet candy, and taste like cedar and berries when smoked or vaped. A definite sativa effect…

    • Bhang Chocolate


      Bhang Chocolate Bhang Chocolate has been making non-medicated chocolates for years for such retail outlets as Whole Foods. We are focused on crafting Bhang’s award-winning medicated chocolate bars. At Bhang we strive to set industry taste and quality benchmarks. We are committed to remaining the established leader and to continuing to set the standards on how thing should be done.…

    • Birthday Cake


      BUY BIRTHDAY CAKE FULL GRAM DANK VAPE CARTRIDGE. Birthday Cake Kush, otherwise called Wedding Cake or just Birthday Cake, is an indica-predominant cross breed with solid body impacts and sweet cake-like flavor. As wanton as its Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie parent strains, Birthday Cake Kush buds blossom with a crystalline icing of THC-rich gum. Like any sweet, Birthday Cake Kush…

    • Black widow


      Strain Name: Black Widow Grade: B Type: Sativa Looks: Dense, crystallized Smell: Not very strong, fruity. Taste: Smooth, earthy Effects: Good for head, euphoric.

    • Blackberry Kush


      BUY BLACKBERRY KUSH FULL GRAM DANK VAPE CARTRIDGE This generally indica strain is a blend of Afghani and Blackberry strains and has wonderful dull purple buds with orange hairs. Plants will blossom at 7 two months and are not especially high yielders, yet the thick, hard nugs have gems all through. Blackberry Kush will in general have a hashy, stream fuel smell…

    • Blackberry Kush Strain


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